Liquid Painting

GALLANT Spray Painting Booths are for every kind of business, all kind of components and different products.

Our Paint Booth can meet all your requirements. The Spray Painting Booth is on simple construction, easy to install and maintain. Normally Paint Booths are made of mild steel components (Value addition can be done by all stainless steel components), it also consists of a highly efficient exhaust blower or blowers to throw thinner in higher altitudes of air.


The Water Wash Booth is unique booth working on the principle of cyclonic separation of water from the air stream when the paint laden air streams strikes the cyclonic profile plate. The suction is from below the back wall & the turbulence of waves caused at the inlet of toothed plate causes the surface to shear & is entrained by the water. Over spray of paint mixed with air is drawn into the air water mixture and violently scrubbed in an area of extreme turbulence caused by sharp changes in the direction of air Liquid Spray.


The Side Downdraft booth offers most of the full downdraft booth benefits without an expensive pit. Fresh air is brought in from the clean upper levels of the shop, through filter banks in the ceiling of the booth. The clean filtered air is drawn down and away from the product through exhaust filters at floor level along both sides of the booth. The over spray is pulled away from the product and away from the painters. This booth is equipped with an air supply plenum and is available in both solid back and drive through designs. The Downdraft booth offers most efficient airflow. Fresh air is brought in from the clean upper levels of the shop, through filter banks in the ceiling of the booth. The clean filtered air is drawn down and around the product through exhaust filters in the pit in the floor of the booth. The over spray is pulled around the product and away from the painters. This booth is equipped with an air supply plenum and is available in both solid back and drive through designs.


Pressurised Down Draft Painting Booth


Non-Prssurised Down Draft Painting Booth

C.E.D. Plant

Electrocoating, which is also referred to as electro deposition, electrophoretic deposition, CED Coating, CED Painting or electropainting, is an organic finishing process that uniformly applies thin-film primers and one-coat finishes to metallic substrates. Electrocoating resembles electroplating in that it utilizes an electrical current to deposit a coating onto substrates. However, electrocoating deposits water born paint onto substrates rather than metal ions.

The overall process consists of four main process steps: Pre-treating, Electrocoating, Rinsing, and Baking. The electrocoating process may be anodic or cathodic, depending on the charge applied the substrate. Although the processes are virtually the same, properties of the resultant coating are dissimilar. Anodic systems, which were the first to be used for electrocoating, apply paint to positively charged substrates. The negatively charged pigment and resin particles deposit onto the substrate (anode). One disadvantage of this process is that substrate metals dissolve and become incorporated into the coating, which affects surface properties. Cathodic electrocoating deposits paint onto negatively charged substrates and offers several advantages over anodic electrocoating. For example, metal dissolution of the substrate does not occur, cathodic electrocoating has the ability to deposit over contaminants, corrosion resistance is improved, and a better color consistency occurs over welded areas.


CED process requires Zinc phosphate plant, paint curing oven and CED tank accessories like Dump tank, UF, Analytic cycle, rectifiers, chillers, cooling towers backup power (Anode, Plate, Anode box, Anode tank, Cathode plates, rectifiers, membrane, UF-module, chiller, cooling tower & educators).

Salient Features:

  • Automated transporter for timed dipping and transfer of components between different tanks.
  • Barrel configuration available for treatment of a number of small components in one go.
  • Customized transporters available depending on the space availability and application.
  • Automation options available for timed operations, counters, etc.

Gallant offers a wide range of Liquid Spray Painting Booth to suit requirements and budgets that may suit for Batch or Conveyorised Painting Plant. The main function of liquid paint spray booth is to keep the environment free from vapors to exhaust the solvent vapors to atmosphere, to direct the spray towards the job and to kill the overspread paint and to convert it in easily disposable form. Spray Painting Booth has been advocated through out industry as the most efficient method of filtering paint over spray. At the same time it effectively prevents in over spray from reaching the surrounding area. Spray Painting Booth are used to increase efficiency of operator, reduce dust problems, reduce over spray problems, paint dust, increase corrosion resistance of the product to be painted. Spray Painting Booth also plays a big role in removal of waste spray paint and the sludge formed by it. Painting in Spray Painting Booth provides the highest quality in all kinds of painting application.

Why Need of Spray Painting Booth ?


The Factories Act of India requires that enough ventilation be provided wherever spray painting is carried out and the working atmosphere should be free of pollution.


Spray paint involves potential fire risk from both solvent and overspray deposits. It also provides a health risk to the painter. If you use a paint booth, you can collect both of these for safe disposal.


The air exhausted from the paint shop must be as clean of paint as possible. Only an efficient spray booth will ensure adequate collection and prevent polluting the atmosphere.


Over spray and dust particles in the atmosphere may settle on wet painted components. You need a spray paint booth to eliminate it settling on wet painted components.


Conveyorised Spray Painting Plant


Conveyorised DIP Painting Plant