We are in the manufacturing & supplying of Pre Treatment Plants. The Pre Treatment Plants are in great demand at various industries for Powder Coating or Painting process.

All the materials, which have to be Powder Coated / Painted, have to be totally cleaned and free from dust, oil, rust, scale and any other impurity on the surface. The process, which is adopted for the above, is known as Pretreatment Process. The process comprises of the seven or eight tank system, the material is to go through different chemical process, and the result is the much-cleaned surface of the metal with protective coat.


Dip Pre-Treatment

Dip Pretreatment plant are more useful when there is a lack of space or lack of budget and also for very large components that can not be handled automatically or with the help of conveyor system.

Scaling new heights & laying new fundamentals of technology, we also offer various Pretreatment Plants to meet clients' specific requirements, like: 7 - 9 Tanks Dip Zinc Phosphating Plant & 5 - 7 Tank Chromotising Plant. We also offer choices of Dipping or Online Spray-Pretreatment Plant for various application with Iron or Zinc Phosphating Solutions, Separated Cleaning and Phosphating Zones or Combined Chemical Zones.


Dip Pretreatment plant with Electrical Hoist


Dip Pretreatment with Automatic Transporter System

Spray Pretreatment

Spray Pretreatment systems are useful for standard components with high volume of daily requirements . Spray pretreatment plant for powder coating or painting has a higher financial necessity for such installation. Usage of lower man power in such systems help in maintain consistent quality of the spray phosphating plant.

We Offer :

Batch (Hoist Type)/Automatic (Overhead Conveyor / Transporter)

Complete with Heating Systems and all other accessories

Both Dip Tank and Online Spray System on turnkey base.


Spray Nozzle